Long Live Your Carpet.  Maximizing Your Investment.

Long Live Your Carpet.  Maximizing Your Investment.
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Not all carpet cleaning is created equally, and for the long-term health of your carpet, it is important to know the difference.

Firstly, there are guidelines and practices that certified carpet cleaning professionals adhere to. Industry organizations such as the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), as well as carpet manufacturers, recommend the following five-step process for full restorative carpet care:

Deep Commercial Vacuuming:  It is essential to remove as much soil as possible in dry form. Approximately 80% of the soil in your carpet is dry soil that needs to be removed through proper vacuuming prior to applying wet cleaning solution to the carpet.

Spot and Stain Removal:  Properly treat all spots and stains using specially designed cleaning solutions.

Machine Agitate and Application of Cleaning Solution:  Specialized equipment with reel type rotary brushes effectively loosen deeply embedded soils from carpet fibres without damage to the fibres, then allow dwell time to react with soil.

Hot Water Extraction:  Pressurized hot water and vacuum suction removes soil and cleaning agent from your carpet.

Expedited Drying:  Reduce drying time with high intensity drying equipment to help prevent wicking and odours.

Benefits of carpet maintenance

With more and more financial pressures placed on facility managers, maximizing the life of major investments such as carpet has become increasingly important.  The CRI states that proper and consistent carpet maintenance is critical to extending the life of carpet and sustaining optimum performance and appearance.

Often, a monthly carpet care maintenance program will not cost that much more than an annual restorative clean.  The reason is simple.  By cleaning the carpet each month, soil build up is greatly reduced.  Therefore, only interim cleaning steps, such as vacuuming, spot and stain removal if required and machine agitation with cleaning solution need to be applied.  Hot water extraction only needs to take place once or twice a year depending on the traffic in your facility.

A healthy building begins with a clean carpet

Regular carpet maintenance will remove contaminants and undesired substances such as allergens from your carpet, which improves indoor air quality.  Many studies now suggest carpet that is cared for properly may actually reduce the amount of airborne allergens in the indoor workplace environment.

Regular and thorough cleaning by a certified carpet cleaning professional will extend the life of your carpet investment and maintain your carpet’s beautiful appearance affordably and consistently.


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