All Aboard…Centralized Recycling Stations

All Aboard…Centralized Recycling Stations
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We’ve all seen them on our city streets, those ubiquitous trash containers that act like a traffic control signals forcing us to stop and think about what we are throwing away.  And, in our homes, we have all had to adopt a waste program in accordance with our specific municipality.  In fact, separating out our garbage is something most of us do by rote, so why not adopt the practice in the workplace?

One of the biggest impediments to effective recycling programs in the workplace is the desk-side trash bin.  Providing centralized Recycling stations along with strategically placed bins for recyclables make it easy for employees to “take out the trash” with little effort as they go about their routine coming and going within their workplaces. This translates into a cleaner healthier building where the tenants actually help to ensure that waste and recyclables are dealt with more efficiently and effectively.

These enhanced waste management policies can not only improve the environment, but also provide significant cost savings.

In the late 90s, the Ontario Government developed a “Green Workplace” program employing centralized waste/recycling stations and eliminating custodial trash collection from individual offices.  The payback for the program was achieved in less than one year and custodial costs were reduced on average by $ 50.00 per employee. The results were so successful in increasing waste diversion, the program has now been replicated by government institutions and private industry across North America.  Today, most provincial buildings in downtown Toronto divert over 70% of all waste from disposal.

In fact, Google’s London office followed suit in 2009 and implemented the removal of trash bins from individual offices.  Employees had to walk over to a centralized disposal and recycle station. This one small step alone increased recycling rates at the company by 50%.

Centralized disposal and recycling stations can also help to keep the office cleaner.  Instead of overflowing bins with unsorted organic waste and recycling at each workstation, which can result in soiling of floor surfaces and bacteria, custodial staff can collect refuge at key collection points within the office and deal with waste and recycles efficiently in the building compactor room.

Implementing a centralized recycling station program can provide a cleaner office, save significant dollars in waste removal and custodial costs and assist in the diversion of waste from landfills.


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