Daytime Cleaning: A revolutionary energy saving measure

Daytime Cleaning:  A revolutionary energy saving measure
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What began as a small push from environmentally conscious businesses has become a cost efficiency movement.  Janitorial crews have come out from the cover of night to perform cleaning tasks in the light of day.  Daytime cleaning is emerging as an integral element in maintaining a stable bottom line.

BOMA International, in its Building Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP), suggests utilizing janitorial practices to save energy.  Janitorial operations are often ignored when developing energy-saving strategies for a facility, however, moving to daytime cleaning services can help reduce costs through energy and security cost savings. BEEP reports indicate that janitorial cleaning at night typically accounts for almost 25 percent of weekly lighting use, which is equivalent to about 7 percent of total building energy use.  Cleaning during the day saves money. Because the lights are off for all or most of the night, energy costs fall, bulbs and ballasts last longer, and labor costs related to maintenance and security drop.

In fact, quite often the level of service is enhanced as daytime cleaning allows for greater standards throughout the day.  Cleaning staff can also assist with other tasks while onsite such as loading vending machines, preparing refreshments for meetings or even post meeting room clean up.

Another benefit to adopting daytime cleaning is reduced staff turnover.  It is much easier to find and retain cleaning staff when they are working daytime hours.  Keeping consistent staff can enhance service, as crews are familiar with the facility and its unique needs.

Daytime cleaning is an adjustment for companies and their employees, but with the right planning and forethought the transition can be a smooth one and the benefits far reaching.  While quantifiable energy cost savings is the primary motivator to switching to daytime cleaning, facility managers are appreciating other unexpected benefits.  The visibility of janitorial staff can lead to fewer complaints and more satisfied tenants.

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